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Why is it called a princess cut?

Due to its square or rectangular form, which resembles a princess from a fairy tale, the princess cut diamond received its name. The princess cut is one of the most preferred diamond shapes for engagement rings because of its contemporary and elegant appearance. The princess cut's square form and sharp edges give it a modern style, while also giving it a distinctive and enduring appearance. The princess cut is a popular option for individuals looking for a diamond that sparkles since it is also renowned for its extraordinary brightness and fire.

What Is the Difference Between a Princess Cut and Cushion Cut Diamond?

The princess cut diamond has a square or rectangular shape with sharp angles and is renowned for its brilliance and fire. The cushion cut diamond has softened edges, a softer radiance, and a rounder shape that gives it a charming, vintage appeal. The decision between the two depends on personal preference and the ring's desired appearance.

Are Princess Cuts more expensive than round cuts?

In addition to shape, a diamond's price depends on its carat weight, clarity, colour, and cut. Since princess cuts are common and require less cutting, utilising more of their raw material, they are typically less expensive than round diamonds.

What Setting Best Suits A Princess Cut Engagement Ring?

A princess cut diamond can be set in a three stone setting, halo setting, solitaire setting, or side stone setting. With a larger centre diamond surrounded by two smaller diamonds in a three stone setting, a centre diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds for extra sparkle in a halo setting, a single diamond on a plain band in a solitaire setting, and smaller diamonds on either side of the centre diamond in a side stone setting, each setting creates a unique look. The setting you choose will rely on your unique preferences and style.

Can I Customise my Princess Cut Engagement Ring?

Your engagement ring can be personalised in a number of ways, including the metal, diamond cut, size, and setting design. We may also design and make a ring according to your specifications. You may design a one-of-a-kind engagement ring that genuinely matches your taste and style by having it customised. Additionally, it gives the chance to include sentimental components in the design, such stones from a family heirloom.

Is A Square Engagement Ring A Princess Cut?

A square engagement ring is not always a princess cut. Typically, when people are referencing a 'square cut' they're referring to either a princess cut or a cushion cut diamond. The main difference being the sharp corners typically attributed to a princess cut, whereas a cushion cut typically has more rounded corners that are less sharp.

Most Suitable Wedding Band For A Princess Cut Engagement Ring?

Personal taste and the engagement ring's style will determine the ideal wedding band for a princess cut engagement diamond. Popular options include; curved bands for a seamless appearance, diamond bands for glitter, pave bands with tiny diamonds, and plain metal bands for a minimalist appearance. When selecting a wedding band, take into account your preferences, comfort, and engagement ring design.

Why Choose A Princess Cut Engagement Ring?

Princess cut engagement rings are well-liked for their distinctive and contemporary design. It gives flexibility in design and a brilliant, multifaceted look. Princess cut diamonds may be put in a number of settings for personalisation and are an excellent option for an engagement ring. This diamond cut has a distinctive appearance that distinguishes it from conventional round diamonds. If you're choosing an engagement ring, evaluate your personal preferences, and the ring's style to determine whether a princess cut is best for you.

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