At DG & Co. we take much pride and commitment to providing you with timeless inspired jewellery that is exceptional in quality and value, to meet and exceed your expectations. If however you are not completely satisfied with your purchase item you can return your product for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. This is our guaranty to you!

Returning your product:

1/ Please return to the below address:  Level 27, 101 Collins Street Melbourne VIC 3000.

2/ Please secure all your items and all the original paperwork you received with the item in a plainly wrapped cardboard box. You can purchase from the post office.

3/ Please send the packaged item with Australia Post using Australia Platinum overnight service or Registered Mail, as this is the safest way to ship high valued items.

4/ DG & Co. will not be held responsible for returned item until it is delivered to us. Therefore, we highly recommend that you insure your return item for peace of mind.

5/ Please clearly print your name and address on the outside of the packaging in the return area.

Important to note: To prevent possible thefts please do not make mention or write the word jewellery or luxury related words anywhere on the packaging.

DG &Co. Terms & Conditions of Return:

You may return your purchases to us subject to the following terms and conditions:

1/ We must receive the shipment back within 30 days in its original pristine condition with all accompanying certificate and guarantee. Items that are showing wear and tear resized or altered in any form by any external jeweller other than DG & Co. will not be qualified for a refund.

2/ Engraved Rings will not be qualified for a refund.

3/Custom Order Rings and Loose Diamond purchased are non-refundable and not subject to exchange for other goods or services.

4/ Gifted items can be returned by the recipient for an exchange of another item. However if you wish to return the gift for a full refund, then the refund will be issued to the gift purchaser.

Time Frame of Return item:

At DG & Co. we aim to process our return time as quickly and efficiently as possible, so once we receive your return item our laboratory immediately examines the condition of the item and once we are fully satisfied with it, you will receive your refund within 14 business days.