Ring Resizing Melbourne: Service and Cost

Ring resizing is the process of altering the size of a ring to a desired size. DG & Co. Jewellery is located in the Melbourne CBD, we resize rings for customers within Melbourne. DG & Co. Jewellery offers same day ring resizing, under certain circumstances. Ring resizing costs between $85 to $150, depending upon how much smaller or bigger a ring is made and the complexity of the resizing.

You might be left with other questions regarding how ring resizing can affect your ring, what rings cannot be resized, what you can do if you can’t resize your ring, how to make your ring smaller without resizing it and if a ring can’t be resized can it be remodelled.


What is Ring Resizing?

Ring resizing refers to altering the size of a ring, bigger or smaller to fit a finger more comfortably. To make a ring smaller, a jeweller must cut and remove a piece of metal from the sizing area of the shank, proportional to the amount needed to be smaller, and solder the ring back together. Increasing the size of a ring requires a jeweller adding the same metal alloy of the ring to the sizing area of the shank, proportionate enough to make the ring big enough for the desired size. A ring’s size can also be made bigger by stretching the ring, but it only increases the rings size by half a size.

Most rings can be resized up to 2 - 3 sizes bigger or smaller depending upon the ring and its design. Once the ring has been resized it will be shaped into a perfect ring, and will be cleaned and polished. Most engagement rings, wedding bands, cocktail rings, gold rings and silver rings can be resized.

where to get a ring resized?

At DG & Co. Jewellery we are able to resize your ring. We are located in the CBD of Melbourne, at level 27/101 Collins St, Melbourne, VIC, 3000. We are able to resize rings Australia wide, but all resizing should be received at our showroom in the city of Melbourne. Most of our customers who come to us for resizing are located within the metropolitan/greater Melbourne area.

How long does it take to get a ring resized?

Ring resizing takes between 5 - 10 days, depending on the jeweller's work load and the complexity of your ring. It takes a jeweller between 10 - 30 minutes to resize a ring, but a jeweller typically has a lot of work to get through before getting to your ring and resizing it. There are also other considerations such as the design of the ring, different types of settings, the structure, metal and if there are any engravings on the ring. These different factors are taken into consideration by jewellers when they are resizing your ring. We are able to offer an express ring resizing service for those who require it.

Do you offer same day ring resizing?

Yes, DG & Co. jewellery offers same-day ring resizing. We understand there might be circumstances that require your ring to be resized in a matter of hours, we offer same-day service under certain circumstances. To avoid disappointment, please call (1300 647 778) or email (Info@diamondgold.com.au) before coming in if you require same day ring resizing.

How much does it cost to resize a ring in Australia?

Ring resizing in Australia costs between $85 to $150, depending upon how much bigger or smaller the ring is made. The costs of resizing rings is in the table below:

Change In Ring Size Metal and Price
Up To Two Sizes Bigger 9K Gold: $120
18k Gold: $150
Other Metals: Dependant Upon Ring Assessment
All white metals: Additional $100 (Rhodium)
Up To Two Sizes Smaller 9K Gold: $85
18k Gold: $100
Other Metals: Dependant Upon Ring Assessment
All white metals: Additional $100 (Rhodium)
More than 3 Sizes All Metals: Dependant Upon Ring Assessment

Can resizing my ring damage it?

Yes, Resizing your ring can damage your ring's structure. When rings are made smaller you reduce the total size and support of the ring, this can have an effect on diamonds or gemstones that are set in the rings. This can cause side stones to become misaligned and loose, it may eventually lead to gemstones falling out of their setting. When you make a ring slightly bigger (half size), some jewellers might stretch the ring. Resulting in a thinner band, and therefore less support for the ring's structure. Over time this can cause potential problems in the ring and its structure for support. Hence, it’s crucial to have reputable jewellers assess and repair your rings, to ensure there are no problems with your ring after resizing. The value of a ring isn’t affected by ring resizing.

What rings cannot be resized?

Titanium rings, tungsten carbide rings, and ceramic rings, are all metal types that can’t be resized by a jeweller. Stainless steel rings can be stretched up to two sizes bigger, but most jewellers avoid stainless steel rings as they can’t be made smaller. These metals are too hard for a jeweller to be able to cut and add or remove the alloy to or from the ring. Eternity bands, rings with diamonds set the whole way around, intricate designs, platinum rings, and rings with engravings are rings that are more complex for jewellers to resize. If resizing isn’t possible there are still other options, other than resizing your ring.

What can I do If I can't resize my ring?

If your ring can’t be resized, there are two main options: The first option is to use ring beads or spring inserts, these allow you to make the ring smaller and therefore a smaller size. The second option is to remodel your ring either into a new design or the same ring that you have, with the correct finger size.

Can I make my ring smaller without resizing it?

Yes, rings can be made smaller without resizing them. Ring beads are when a jeweller will add two beads on the inside to the sizing area of the rings shank, and they allow for a half size difference, making the ring size smaller. Another alternative are spring inserts, which are placed on the inside of the ring all the way up to ¾ of the way up the ring, and can allow for a reduction of a full size.

Can I remodel my ring if I can’t resize it?

Yes, you can remodel your ring if it can’t be resized. Jewellery remodelling allows you to either remake the exact same design or a completely new design of your choice with the correct ring size. Repurposing your jewellery is a cheaper option, then purchasing a completely new jewellery piece.

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