Conflict Free Diamonds

“Conflict Diamond” or “Blood Diamond’ is a term often used to define gems that are traded to fund acts of war and terrorism, most notably the war between Liberia and Sierra Leone in the 1990s. During this conflict, diamonds were traded to fund weapons and training that led to a rebellion which killed millions of innocent lives.

Conflict Diamonds are also associated with other human rights abuses such as worker exploitation and environmental destructions. The 2006 film ‘Blood Diamond’ staring Leonardo Di Caprio clearly depicted these abuses. The film, allowed the public to become more ethically aware and conscientious about only buying conflict free diamonds to prevent future funding of war, terrorism and human rights abuse in the developing world.

At DG & Co. we are committed to providing you exceptional quality diamonds that are conflict free and ethically sourced. Our diamonds come from the largest and most respected diamond company in the industry who adhere to and comply with the standards established by the Kimberly Process in 2003.  Diamonds are a symbol of eternal love and commitment therefore trading diamonds to fund war and acts of terrorism, human rights abuses, poverty and environmental degration is unacceptable and goes against our values. We support any process that value and uphold the integrity and legitamacy of the diamond trade. 

The Kimberly Process: Since the tragedy of the war between Liberia and Sierra Lion, an International Government Scheme was set up by the United Nations in April 2003; in order to prevent the trade of Conflict diamonds and to track and certify diamonds. This Scheme was set up in Kimberly, South Africa hence the name “Kimberly”. The Kimberly process requires governments to certify that when rough diamonds are exported they are free of conflict diamonds and also comply with environmental and social regulations.

These initiatives made the government accountable and encouraged the boycott of conflict diamonds to be traded in the market place. Countries such as the US and Australia passed a law adopting the Kimberly process., which requires all diamond retailers to only buy diamonds from manufactures who have documetation to gaurenty that the diamonds was obtained through a legitimate and ethical channel. 

Since the world has been made aware of conflict diamonds and the establishment of the Kimberly Process the sale of blood diamonds has approximate decreased from 15% to 1%.