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What is a Three Stone Engagement Ring?

Three stone engagement rings otherwise known as trilogy engagement rings are characterised by one centre stone and two accompanying stones. The two accompanying stones typically the same size or smaller than the centre stone in a three stone style. The three stones in your engagement ring can have many different meanings, but it’s commonly interpreted as the ‘past, present and future’ of the couple's relationship.

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What to consider when buying a Three Stone Engagement Ring?

When buying a three stone engagement ring you should consider many different things, in the list below are some of the key things to consider:

  • Gemstone
  • Metal
  • Settings
  • Shank Style
  1. Gemstone

    When buying a three stone engagement ring, the gemstones or diamonds, are the most important consideration for your three stone style. You must choose three stones, whether you want a diamond, sapphire, ruby or other gemstones are important to consider. After choosing a stone it’s important to look at 4 C’s; Cut, Colour, Clarity, and carat weight. The carat weights and sizes of your 3 stones are very important for proportionality of your three stone engagement rings. The sizes of the diamonds and/or gemstones, whether it’s 0.5 carat, 0.75 carat,1 carat, 1.5 carat, or 2 carat three stone engagement Ring. Your budget is the key to helping make a decision for proportionality. Another consideration is the shapes of your centre stones, this is important and affects the overall design of your three stone style. Round, Oval, Princess, Emerald and Pear cut centre stones are popular options for the three Stone style.

  2. Metal

    Platinum and gold are the two main metal choices for those interested in a three stone engagement ring. Platinum has its beautiful silver colour and is a very durable option for a Three Stone Engagement Ring. Gold comes in 9k,14k and 18k gold for engagement rings, along with white, yellow and rose gold colours for Three Stone Engagement Rings. Consider the metal type you like along with the different colours, and the durability of the metal or its karat when choosing a metal for your Three Stone Engagement Ring.

  3. Setting

    There are 3 main setting options for Three Stone Engagement Rings: Prong, Bezel and tension settings. Prong settings are the most popular setting for Three Stone Engagement Rings, 4,6 and 8 prong variations are the most common amount of prongs used for three stone styles. Bezel settings also come in a full bezel, and half bezel alternatives, bezel options are the safest option, and are a great choice for those who are clumsy and prone to damaging their ring. Tension settings are another option when choosing a setting for Three Stone, and are very unique, but only certain shapes can be set in a tension setting. All of these settings can be set higher, or lower in the ring, but both carry pros and cons. The perfect setting for you comes down to your preference, and weighing up the benefits of the different settings.

  4. Shank Style

    Shank style is another consideration when purchasing a Three Stone Engagement Ring. Shank style refers to the different design elements of the ring's shank and band. There are 7 main types of shank styles to choose from for a Three Stone; Straight, tapered, knife-edge, split-shank, twisted, bypass shank and side stone options. Each of these have different designs, and one must consider this along with how it complements the other elements of the ring.

Why Should I Buy A Three Stone Engagement Ring?

You should buy a three stone engagement ring because of several advantages of the engagement ring style. Firstly, the design flexibility allowing for different gemstone shapes and sizes, ensures a personalised and unique expression of style. The balanced arrangement of three stones enhances the overall brilliance and shine of the three stone ring. Despite the potential of higher costs due to three larger centre stones, this style often results in a visually striking and valuable piece. Addressing concerns such as potential chunkiness or asymmetry can be effectively managed by collaborating with experienced jewellers. Their expertise ensures that the design is harmonious, striking the right balance between elegance and individual preferences.

What are the pros of buying a Three Stone Engagement Ring?

There are many pros of a Three Stone Engagement Ring below is a list of 3 main pro’s of a Three Stone Engagement Ring:

  • Customisable Design:Three stone rings offer a versatile canvas for creative designs. Whether arranged horizontally or vertically, the arrangement of the stones allows for various design possibilities. This versatility allows couples to choose a style that resonates with their personal tastes and preferences.

  • Enhances the sparkle and shine of the ring: With three stones working in harmony, these rings often provide enhanced brilliance and sparkle. The trio of gemstones, typically featuring a larger centre stone flanked by two smaller stones, creates a captivating focal point. This arrangement maximises the overall shimmer and impact of the ring.

  • Classic Style: The three stone style is one of the most classic styles, standing the test of time through many different generations. The three stones provide a very elegant design, coupled with the symbolism of a three stone explains why it’s been such a popular style of engagement ring for such a long period of time.

What are the cons of buying a Three Stone Engagement Ring?

There are 3 main cons of buying a Three Stone Engagement Ring:
  • More Expensive (larger stones): One drawback of three stone engagement rings is the potential for higher costs due to the presence of large centre stones. Larger gemstones often come with a higher price tag, contributing to an overall increased cost of the ring. This factor should be considered in the budgeting process, as it may impact the financial considerations for those seeking a cost-effective engagement ring.

  • Can be Seen as Chunky: Another consideration is three stone engagement rings can be seen as chunky or bulky. Depending on the size and arrangement of the stones, some may find the design to be too big on their finger for their liking.This highlights the importance of selecting a three stone ring aligning with the wearer's desired level of delicacy and subtlety.

  • Can be Asymmetrical: Achieving the perfect balance in a three stone ring can be challenging, and without careful design and craftsmanship, asymmetry may occur. It is crucial to work with experienced jewellers who specialise in three stone styles to ensure the arrangement is precisely proportioned and symmetrical. This expertise is vital in creating a visually appealing and harmonious design, preventing any asymmetry that might detract from the overall aesthetic of the ring.

How much does a Three Stone Engagement Ring cost?

A Three Stone Engagement Ring at DG & Co. Jewellery costs between $1,275 - $4,795 for the style alone. When Choosing diamond or gemstone centre stones this is what can really bring up the cost, especially when going for large high quality Diamonds or precious gemstones. The Average three stone engagement ring with a centre stone is around $12,000 - $15,000.

What are the best Three Stone Engagement Rings?

The best three stone engagement ring will ultimately be dependant on each person's preferences, but our most popular designs are below:

What are the alternatives styles to Three Stone engagement rings?

There are many different alternative styles to three stone engagement rings. Some of the common other styles to solitaires are halo, side stones and vintage styles. The Toi Et Moi Style is the most similar style to the three stone engagement ring.

Are there Two Stone Engagement Rings?

Yes, there are two stone engagement rings, they are better known as the Toî Et Moî style of engagement ring. Toi Et Moi refers to an engagement ring style with two side by side centre stones. Toi Et Moi is a French word and it means you and me, which is part of the symbolism of the two centre stones.

Can Three Stone Engagement Rings Have Halo's?

Yes, Three stone engagement rings can have halos on them. Three stone styles mainly have two types of halos on them; single/classic halo’s and unique halo’s. Three Stone Halo Engagement Rings are a great option for your engagement ring, and can help add more brilliance and scintillation to your engagement ring.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? We're happy to answer them!
What Is The Perfect Ratio For The Diamonds In A 3-Stone Design?

It all depends on personal choice, there is no right or incorrect ratio for a three-stone engagement ring. However, more contemporary designs have experimented with a range of varied sizes, which may appear equally as magnificent and enable the centre diamond to assume more of a main position. Traditionally, the optimum ratio has the accent diamonds at roughly 80% of the weight of the centre diamond. Personal preference is everything, therefore don't be hesitant to consider several possibilities.

What Is A Three Stone Engagement Ring?

A three stone engagement ring consists of three larger centre stones (Diamonds or Gemstones) that are set in a line or a cluster, typically with the middle stone of the three stone setting being the largest in carat weight.

What’s The meaning behind a three stone engagement ring?

A three stone engagement ring is a type of ring that usually has three diamonds or gemstones on it. It’s believed to symbolise the past, present, and future of a couple's love. Other interpretations of the three stones include friendship, love, and commitment, for the couple's journey together. Depending on the couple's individual beliefs and interpretations, the ring's significance may change.

What’s the Difference between a three stone and trilogy setting?

Both the terms three stone and trilogy setting are interchangeable words used within the jewellery industry to represent the same style of ring. The use of these words is at the discretion of the individual and comes as a matter of preference.

Should all stones in a three-stone setting be the same quality?

A three-stone engagement ring must have similar-quality stones throughout. For a cohesive design, choose stones of the same quality. For a more contemporary style, mix and match different coloured gemstones (sapphires, rubies etc) and diamonds.

Can I Have A Halo With My Trilogy?

A trilogy or three-stone engagement ring can incorporate a halo around each of the three stones, depending on the design and stones used. Due to the extra diamonds or jewels, halo settings can make the ring a bit more expensive. A design with a halo surrounding each of the three stones in the trilogy setting gives the piece a more complex and refined appearance.

What If I Only Want 2 Stones?

Three stone or trilogy rings, which also include two side stones in addition to the centre stone, are comparable to toî et moî rings. Toî et moî rings normally have two stones instead of three, and they are frequently positioned on either side of the ring band rather than in a straight line and/or with varying sizes. View Toî et moî

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