Rhodium Plating Service In Melbourne

A Ring being Rhodium Plated

Rhodium is a chemical element a part of the platinum family. It’s a silvery-white metal that’s highly reflective and extremely hard and durable. Rhodium can be plated onto jewellery in different colours, providing a durable, hypoallergenic, and shiny coating of protection on top of the base metal. At DG & Co. Jewellery, we offer same-day rhodium plating, if you give us your piece of jewellery you will have it rhodium plated within hours. All types of jewellery and metal types can be rhodium plated, but rhodium does eventually begin to wear. Rhodium plating starts from $100, depending upon the jewellery and amount of rhodium used.

What is Rhodium Plating?

Rhodium plating is a thin layer of the rhodium metal electroplated onto a piece of jewellery to give it more durability, lustre, and a whiter aesthetic. It’s common practice for every white gold jewellery piece to be plated in rhodium as a part of polishing and finishing jewellery. The amount of rhodium for jewellery ranges between 0.10 - 1.5 microns. Jewellery like engagement rings, wedding bands, and other everyday items are on the higher end of the range, and pieces that are worn less are on the lower end. There are different colors of rhodium: White rhodium, black Rhodium, blue rhodium, green rhodium, pink rhodium, and yellow Rhodium.

What Types of Jewellery and Metal Can Be Rhodium Plated?

All types of jewellery (rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets) can be rhodium plated. Even metals like silver, platinum, yellow gold, or rose gold can all be rhodium plated, but once the rhodium begins to wear the original color will begin to be visible in the piece of jewellery.

How Much Does Rhodium Plating Cost?

Rhodium plating starts from $100, depending upon the size of the jewellery piece. Bigger pieces like large pendants, chains, or complex designs will be more expensive. Smaller pieces like rings, earrings, and small pendants will be on the lower end or cheaper. Rhodium in itself is rarer than platinum and gold, making it more expensive than both metals.

How Long Does Rhodium Plating Take?

Rhodium plating takes a jeweller between 60 - 90 minutes, based on the size of the jewellery. At DG & Co. Jewellery, we offer same-day rhodium plating, if you give us your piece of jewellery you will have it rhodium plated within hours. Same-day service is offered, but we recommend contacting us before bringing your piece of jewellery in to ensure we can accommodate. If express rhodium plating service isn’t required, our rhodium plating services take between 2 - 5 days.

How Long Does Rhodium Plating Last?

Rhodium plating lasts between 12 - 18 months on jewellery, depending upon how the jewellery is worn. Everyday jewellery, like engagement rings, wedding rings, and pendants, will typically need to be rhodium plated and cleaned more often than sentimental jewellery, and pieces that aren’t worn as often. Jewellery that is worn everyday to be rhodium plated every 16 months. Jewellery that is worn less frequently like sentimental pieces, we recommend getting your jewellery electroplated in rhodium every 24 - 36 months (2 - 3 years).

What Can Cause Rhodium Plating on Jewellery to Wear Off?

Rhodium plating can begin to wear off because of wear and tear, harsh chemicals, and jewellery repairs. Rhodium can diminish from wear and tear, especially with jewellery that is worn frequently. Knocking, scratching, and dirt are all contributors causing wear and tear over a period of time to your rhodium plated jewellery. If you wear pieces like your engagement ring in the shower, or while washing the dishes, this can cause chemicals to begin to chip away at your rhodium and potentially your metal alloy. Jewellery repairs involve cutting jewellery, like ring resizing, and necklace lengthening cause the rhodium to wear off your jewellery. Our jewellers ensure to re-polish and rhodium your jewellery after it has been repaired.

Does Ring Resizing Cause Rhodium Plating to Wear Off?

Yes, ring resizing does cause rhodium plating to wear off your jewellery. When you resize a ring, it involves cutting the ring and adding or taking away the metal alloy from the ring. The part where the ring has been cut for resizing will be stripped of the rhodium plating (if it has rhodium), and we always re-rhodium our jewellery after ring resizing.