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What is a Solitaire Engagement Ring?

Solitaire engagement rings consist of a single solitary diamond with a plain metal band. Solitaire’s are a classical engagement ring style, and are one of the first invented styles, made popular in the mid 1900’s. They’re a classical and simple option for those looking for engagement rings.

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What to consider when buying a solitaire engagement ring?

When buying a solitaire engagement ring you should consider many different things, in the list below are some of the key things to consider:

  • Gemstone
  • Metal
  • Settings
  • Shank Style
  1. Gemstone

    When buying a solitaire engagement ring, the gemstone or diamond, are the most important consideration for your solitaire style. Considering a solitaire only has a singular centre stone, choosing whether you want a diamond, sapphire, ruby or other gemstones are important to consider. After choosing a stone it’s important to look at 4 C’s; Cut, Colour, Clarity, and carat weight. Carat weight is especially important for your solitaire as it showcases your diamond or gemstone solely. The size of the diamond, whether it’s 0.5 carat, 0.75 carat,1 carat, 1.5 carat, or 2 carat solitaire engagement ring, is important as it’s the only source of sparkle. Another consideration is the shape of your centre stone, this is important and affects the overall design of your engagement ring. Round,Oval, Princess, Emerald and Pear cut centre stones are popular options for the solitaire style.

  2. Metal

    Platinum and gold are the two main metal choices for those interested in a solitaire engagement ring. Platinum has its beautiful silver colour and is a very durable option for a solitaire engagement ring. Gold comes in 9k,14k and 18k gold for engagement rings, along with white, yellow and rose gold colours for solitaire engagement rings. Consider the metal type you like along with the different colours, and the durability of the metal or its karat when choosing a metal for your solitaire engagement ring.

  3. Setting

    There are 3 main setting options for solitaire engagement rings: Prong, Bezel and tension settings. Prong settings are the most popular setting for solitaire engagement rings, 4,6 and 8 prong variations are the most common amount of prongs used for solitaires. Bezel settings also come in a full bezel, and half bezel alternatives, bezel options are the safest option, and are a great choice for those who are clumsy and prone to damaging their ring. Tension settings are another option when choosing a setting for solitaire, and are very unique, but only certain shapes can be set in a tension setting. All of these settings can be set higher, or lower in the ring, but both carry pros and cons. The perfect setting for you comes down to your preference, and weighing up the benefits of the different settings.

  4. Shank Style

    Shank style is another consideration when purchasing a solitaire engagement ring. Shank style refers to the different design elements of the ring's shank and band. There are 6 main types of shank styles to choose from for a solitaire; Straight, tapered, knife-edge, split-shank, twisted, bypass shank. Each of these have different designs, and one must consider this along with how it complements the other elements of the ring.

  5. Why Should I Buy A Solitaire Engagement Ring?

    Buying a solitaire engagement ring offers timeless elegance, aligning with a classic minimalist aesthetic withstanding ever-changing trends. Solitaire’s are the most affordable style, they allow you to allocate more of your budget towards a diamond or gemstone centre stone. Its simplicity can be seen as a downside, as it might be too basic or lacking in intricate details. A solitaires singular focus on the centre stone means fewer options for personalisation and limits the ways to style the ring according to individual preferences. There is also a reliance on the centre stone's allure and size, as any flaws or imperfections may be relatively more noticeable in this style. The decision to choose a solitaire engagement ring rests on one's preference for a classic, minimalist design that highlights the diamond's inherent beauty while accepting its inherent limitations in terms of customisation.

    What are the pros of buying a solitaire engagement ring?

    There are many pros of a solitaire engagement ring below is a list of 3 main pro’s of a solitaire engagement ring:

    • Classic: This classic style, featuring a single stunning diamond, exudes simplicity and sophistication. Its timeless look can be paired with various wedding bands, offering a timeless and elegant look.
    • The cheapest style: The solitaire engagement ring style is the most affordable style, considering there aren’t any accent stones, it’s typically cheaper than all of its other counterparts. The fact the solitaire style costs less allows more in your budget when purchasing a centre stone.
    • Showcases Diamond Centre stone: Another benefit of a solitaire engagement ring is how it showcases the centre stone. This classic design elegantly highlights the diamond's brilliance considering there aren’t any other gemstones. This makes it a favoured choice for those seeking a ring showcasing their beautiful centre stone

    What are the cons of buying a solitaire engagement ring?

    There are 3 main cons of buying a solitaire engagement ring:

    • Too Simple: The timeless elegance of a solitaire engagement ring is appealing to many, but its simplicity might be deemed too plain for some people who like more complex designs. Without any other gemstones, or diamonds on the ring some people might prefer styles with more sparkle then a solitaire style.
    • Fewer ways to style your engagement ring: A solitaire engagement ring's minimalist nature minimises the amount of embellishments or unique design elements for the style. This style might not be suitable for those seeking a more personalised engagement ring style as you’re restricted in how you can customise it.
    • Dependent upon the centre stone: The solitaire style showcases your centre stone heavily, allowing for your centre stone to shine. While this is a benefit of a solitaire engagement ring, this is dependent upon the quality of the stone. If your stone is of a lower grade this will also ensure blemishes, poor colour, and other factors are more obvious when the stone is on display.

    How much does a solitaire engagement ring cost?

    A solitaire engagement ring at DG & Co. Jewellery costs between $1085 - $2,955 for the style alone. When Choosing a diamond or gemstone centre stone this is what can really bring up the cost, especially when going for a large high quality Diamond or precious gemstone. The Average solitaire engagement ring with a centre stone is around $8,000 - $10,000.

    What are the best solitaire engagement rings?

    The best solitaire will ultimately be dependant on each person's preferences, but our most popular designs are below:

    What are the alternatives styles to solitaire engagement rings?

    There are many different alternative styles to solitaire engagement rings. Some of the common other styles to solitaires are halo, three stone and vintage styles. Variations of halo and three stone, like Hidden halo, and Toi et moi are the most similar styles to the solitaire style.

    Are there matching wedding rings for my solitaire engagement rings?

    There are matching wedding rings for your solitaire engagement ring. Solitaire wedding sets are very popular as some people prefer to have their wedding band made with their engagement ring . If you have already purchased a solitaire engagement ring, our jewellers are able to make a matching wedding band.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? We're happy to answer them!
What Is A Solitaire Engagement Ring?

A solitaire engagement ring is a type of ring that showcases a solitary diamond as its central adornment. They can be crafted from various metals, including white,yellow and rose gold, and platinum.

The meaning behind a solitaire engagement ring?

A solitaire engagement ring represents the unyielding and enduring bond between two individuals. It is a classic and timeless choice, renowned for its simplicity and sophistication. Many believe that this type of ring embodies the timeless nature of love, serving as a timeless symbol of commitment between two people.

What is a high set Solitaire engagement ring?

A high set solitaire engagement ring is a singular diamond or gemstone in a ring where the centre stone is set high above the finger. It is a timeless choice with added visibility and sparkle for your diamond or gemstone. The setting can be made in various metals including gold, and platinum.

Can I Customise a solitaire setting that I like?

Yes, it is possible to tailor make your solitaire engagement ring. You can choose the metal, diamond or gemstone, and any additional design elements. Sit down with our jewellers and personalise your engagement ring.

Is a solitaire engagement ring boring?

It is not necessarily boring to have a solitaire engagement ring. A solitaire ring, which features a single diamond or gemstone as the main centrestone, is a classic and timeless design that many people find appealing. It can be a simple and elegant choice for an engagement ring, and it can be paired with other types of wedding bands to create a more complex and unique look. Ultimately, the beauty of an engagement ring is subjective, and what is most important is that the ring is meaningful and special to the person wearing it.

Are there Alternatives to a diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring?

There are numerous different styles; Three Stone, Side stones, Halo and Wedding Sets can be alternative styles. In addition, the use of natural gemstones (Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, Aquamarine and Tanzanite) are alternatives for diamonds.

Is a Solitaire Cheaper Than Other Settings?

A solitaire engagement ring may be cheaper than other ring settings due to their being a singular centre stone. However, other factors such as diamond quality, metal type, and design can also affect cost.

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