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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I Have 3 Prongs With My Heart Cut Engagement Ring?

Heart-shaped engagement rings are available in three-prong settings. To ensure that the prongs are positioned such that they firmly hold the diamond in place without obstructing too much of the stone's surface area, it is crucial to work with our reputable jewellers. The prongs must be carefully positioned since the heart cut diamond has a distinctive and delicate form, protecting it and enhancing its brilliance. The romantic and feminine shape of the heart cut may be complemented by a three-prong setting's contemporary and sleek appearance.

What Is The Meaning Behind A Heart Cut Engagement Ring?

A heart-shaped diamond is a representation of devotion, love, and romance. It is considered as a means of expressing uniqueness and distinctive style and stands for the notion of offering one's heart to another person in a metaphysical form.

Can I Customise My Heart Cut Engagement Ring?

You may personalise a heart-cut engagement ring to suit your taste and preferences. To design a one-of-a-kind ring, you can select the metal, the diamond's size and shape, the setting, and any other features. Working with one of our jewellers is essential to obtaining a beautifully customised engagement ring.

What Setting Suits A Heart Engagement Rings?

Heart-shaped engagement rings can be complemented by the classic solitaire, halo, and side stone settings. A traditional option is a solitaire setting, which showcases a single diamond or gem and makes the heart-shaped diamond shine out on its own. By encircling the central stone with a circle of diamonds, a halo setting may provide a dazzling, and elegant appearance. By adding diamonds or other precious stones on the band, side stone settings, which can include both channel and pavé settings, can increase the ring's overall size and brilliance. The ideal setting will ultimately rely on the size and shape of the diamond, as well as personal preferences and taste.

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