Jewellery remodelling refers to repurposing the materials (gemstones and metals) from an old pre-existing piece or pieces of jewellery to create a new design. Our jewellers will take you through the process of redesigning and reimagining your jewellery to create a unique masterpiece with new sentimental value. Old jewellery, heirloom jewellery, damaged jewellery, and engagement rings are all commonly used for jewellery redesigning and remodelling.

The cost of remodelling jewellery is anywhere between $750 - $2000+ depending upon the style, gemstones, and other factors. What if my jewellery has too much sentimental value for me to remodel it? You have other options; jewellery repairs allow you to repair old or damaged jewellery so you can wear your family heirlooms or inherited pieces in their original condition, or you can create your design and add a new piece of jewellery to your collection.

What is jewellery remodelling?

Jewellery remodelling is the process of using exisiting jewellery to create new jewellery. This process involves repurposing and recycling gemstones, and metals to create masterful pieces of jewellery. Most jewellery can be remodelled, and if they can't, they're typically traded in towards your new piece. Jewellery is remodelled to add a modern touch to old jewellery, maintain sentimental value, and to personalise there jewellery.

What is the process of remodelling jewellery?


Jewellery Remodelling Process

Remodel old and existing designs to make unique truly one of a kind jewellery!






At DG & Co. Jewellery our process of remodelling jewellery involves a 4-step process of inspection, consultation, design, and creation. Inspection is the first step, where we take a look at your jewellery and see what gemstones, metals, and other elements we are repurposing to redesign your jewellery. Our second step involves consultation, where we understand your ideas, and we discuss the best way to bring them to life. The next step is designing, where we create a CAD and 3D imaging for the masterful design created by you and our jewellers. Our 4th and final step is creation, which takes on average 4 - 6 weeks for our jewellers to remodel your jewellery into its new design.

At DG & Co. jewellery, we offer jewellery remodelling across Australia through our virtual appointments, allowing you to experience our remodelling process virtually. Our office is located in the Melbourne CBD for in-person appointments, and we have customers come from all across Australia and Victoria for jewellery remodelling.

What types of Jewellery can be remodelled?

All types of jewellery can be either remodelled or repurposed to create a new design. Heirloom jewellery, antique jewellery, gold jewellery, platinum jewellery, diamond jewellery, necklaces, engagement rings, and wedding bands are commonly used for redesigning. There are materials like tungsten and titanium that are hard to remodel, but we can repurpose them and use them as a trade-in for the recreation of your new remodelled piece. However, the less material we use from the jewellery being remodelled, the more expensive the new jewellery design becomes.

Can Engagement Rings be remodelled?

Remodelled Engagement Ring Set

Yes, engagement rings can be reset and remodelled into a new engagement ring design or jewellery. Engagement ring remodelling is sometimes referred to as engagement ring resetting, which allows for the use of old diamonds or gemstones in new pieces and designs. Engagement rings are commonly remodelled because the partner doesn’t like the design chosen by their other partner, the ring's design has become outdated, they want to update their ring to celebrate a special occasion (anniversary, redoing your vows, etc.), or they want to upgrade their engagement ring.

Can Old and Antique Jewellery be remodelled?

Yes, old and antique jewellery can be remodelled and redesigned by our jewellers. Old jewellery, inherited jewellery, damaged jewellery, or heirloom jewellery are very commonly remodelled. As long as the precious stones and metals are still in good condition, they can be used for remodelling. Old and antique jewellery can lack modern style and design, hence it is commonly used for remodelling.

How much does it cost to remodel Jewellery?

Jewellery remodelling costs anywhere between $750 - $2000+ depending on the type of jewellery remodelled and the new design desired. If you remodel using the metal and gemstones from your jewellery, remodelling is typically cheaper, and labour is the only other cost. Additional gemstones and metal are the biggest costs associated with jewellery remodelling, especially if you upgrade the quality of your diamonds and gemstones in your remodelled design.

How much does it cost to remake a ring in Australia?

Remaking a ring can cost between $1,000 - $10,000+, but it really depends on the ring, its design, and gemstones used. The price of a ring can vary significantly when it comes to large, high-quality diamonds, and precious gems (Sapphires, Rubies, and Emeralds). Our jewellery team is very experienced in making exact recreations and exact remakes of rings that have been lost or you want to duplicate for a gift or sentimental reasons. We take you through our jewellery designing process, with 3D imaging and a CAD file, where we can keep adjusting the CAD until it perfectly resembles the ring you want remade.

What are alternatives to jewellery remodelling?

If you don’t want to remodel your jewellery, jewellery repairs and cleaning allows you to keep the ring's sentimental value but with a new feel. Old or vintage jewellery can have problems with clasps, thin shanks, prongs, ring size, necklace length, and worn or dull metal. All these problems can build up over time through wear and tear, making your jewellery less desirable and sometimes unwearable. If your jewellery is sitting in the drawer damaged or you’ve inherited broken jewellery, we recommend getting it cleaned and repaired so you can wear your jewellery with pride.