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Are you looking for gemstones in Melbourne?

At DG & Co. Jewellery, we have gemstones in vibrant colours to adorn jewellery pieces and add a distinctive look. Gemstones add character to any jewellery and we have a wide selection to enable you to design something just the way you want.

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From rich blue sapphires, red rubies to emerald in intense green, you can build your gemstone rings online and jewellery shops melbourne with us. We have a beautiful collection to choose from and can design gemstone jewellery just the way you dream of it. If you have been looking for that perfect piece of jewellery that will be admired and makes you stand out from the crowd, explore the choices that we have here. Whether you are looking for an engagement ring, a wedding ring or looking out for a unique gift, we have a brilliant collection for you.

Gemstone Jewellery Wholesale

We give our customers the freedom to build their own engagement ring at a wholesale price. You can choose from our collection of gemstones and design jewellery in a few easy steps. Whether you already have a design in mind or looking for inspiration, we have unique jewellery pieces that are a work of art. Our gemstones are available in different cuts, styles, sizes and colours and exude unparalleled splendour. From unique geometric shapes from Art Deco designs inspired by the floral features of the Edwardian and Victorian era, we have impressive choices here. We have wide experience in the field of jewellery designing and are passionate about crafting distinctive pieces. Whatever be your style and preference, we assure you that you will get the best in terms of price. We have rings characterised by their elegant simplicity at prices that are within your budget. Browse ruby jewellery through our collection today.

Create Your Own Jewellery with Gemstones

At DG & Co. Jewellery, we specialise in designing custom pieces that are timeless, elegant and sophisticated. We have gemstones to suit every taste and budget in multiple colours. Gemstones have inspired and captivated interest for their rarity and charm. We design gemstone jewellery that has timeless warmth and reflect the craftsmanship of our designers. With our bespoke service, you can create one-off pieces that perfectly suits your personality.

We believe that gemstone jewellery complements any look and makes a treasured piece in your collection. With our range, you can choose your favourite gemstone and choose design features for a truly unique creation that would be special to you or your loved one.

Do you have questions or are you looking for something specific? We wish to make it a seamless experience for our customers and will collaborate with you to create your dream gemstone jewellery. We are always here to assist you. To find out more about our service, feel free to reach out to us.

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